Museums Riverbank Fest, Frankfurt, 23-25 August 2019

One of the very best and largest festivals in Germany is happening in Frankfurt on the last weekend in August - the Museums Riverbank Festival. From Friday through Sunday, you can enjoy music and dance presented on 15 stages, food, drink, artwork, and handicrafts from about 500 stands, fireworks at on Sun. night, the Organ Mile on Sat. and the Choir Mile on Sun.
For  only 7€ you can get into 23 museums all weekend long.
Norway is the featured country this year.

Museums Riverbank Fest Program

Your button for 7 € can be purchased at all of the museums as well as the TI. The fest itself is open to the public and but entry to the museums & the concerts in the churches require a button. There are tours and kids workshops in all of the museums each day, but most of them will be in German. Many of the museums will have flea markets for their books, films, prints and other items. Near the Giersch Museum and Liebieghaus, you will find antique book market stands.

Ethnic Food, German food, drinks, cooking demonstrations, handicrafts, art, clothing, hats, leather goods, and plenty of hand made jewelry are all to be found at this fest. Lots of music, with a wide variety to suit everyone, will be presented on 15 stages. Visit the top of the Communication Museum and chat with the Ham Radio operators.

** Archeology Museum
* Bible Haus
** Caricature Museum
** Architecture Museum
* Dom Museum
* Film Museum
* Eintracht Frankfurt Museum
* Goethe Haus
* Kunst Verein
** Money Museum
** Historic Museum
** Icon Museum
** Karmeliter Kloster
** Judengasse Museum
* Liebeighaus Sculpture Museum
** Applied Arts Museum
** Communication Museum
** Modern Art Museum (3 locations)
** Giersch Museum
* Schirn
* Städel
** World Culture Museum

Museums with 2 ** allow children under 18 in for free, without a button.

10th Annual Duck Race on Sun. 15:15, Holbein Bridge - Uni Rüderclub

Dragon Boat racing on Sat. & Sun. from 09:30-19:30

Fireworks on Sun. night at 22:00 (hopefully)

It's a good idea to leave your car at home as parking will be scarce. The fest goes on til 01:00 on Fri. and Sat. and the trains will be running later than usual

This fest is excellent for finding unique, hand made gifts. You can get your Christmas shopping done in August!

Opening hours:
Friday 15.00 – 01.00 
Saturday 11.00 – 01.00 
Sunday 11.00 – 24.00

Organ Mile - Saturday 
15:00 - St. Leonhards Church
16:00 - Deutscheordens Church
17:00 - Dreikönigs Church
18:00 - Heiliggeist Church
19:00 - Liebfrauen Church
20:00 - St. Katharinen Church
21:00 - Kaiserdom

Choir Mile - Sunday

16:00 - Drei König Church
17:00 - Deutsche Ordens Church
18:00 - Heiliggeist Church
19:00 - Liebfrauen Church
20:00 - St. Katharinen Church
21:00 - Kaiserdom