Karmeliter Kloster & the Joerg Ratgeb Wall Paintings

One of the high points on our Frankfurt on Foot walking tours, is visiting the Karmelite Cloister to view the Wall paintings. We are always happy to include a stop here on your private or layover tour.

The Wall Paintings were done between 1513-1521, on the walls of the Karmeliter Cloister, by a painter named Joerg Ratgeb. These are the largest religious wall paintings north of the Alps, and are scenes from the life of Jesus, from beginning to end, in one room.he The history of the Karmelite Order is in the Refectory.
The Karmeliter Kloster is free and open weekdays from 10:00-18:00, and on weekends from 11-18:00. Located right next to the Archeology Musuem in the City Archives, it is easy to find. The #11 & #12 tram stops right in front of it. Motel One is directly across the street. It is also an easy walk from the Hauptwache. Major plus - this is open on Mondays, when most of the museums are closed.

This is a fabulous secret treasure in Frankfurt, and deserves to be high on your sightseeing list. It is also an ideal freebie.

The City Archives website is very useful to look at for more information. www.stadtgeschichte-ffm.de/veranstaltungen/ver_hinweise/ratgeb.html


Anonymous said…

is this site included on your city walks ?
Jo said…
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Jo said…
Yes, this site is included on our Daily Tour.