Swimming Pools in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has many indoor pools to go swimming in during the cold winter weather. They are all listed under the same website, which is in German. If you click on the various photos and names, you will at least get times and prices and locations. Make sure you click on the "foto galerie" to get some good views. The sauna photos have been done tastefully, but be aware that in Germany, one sits naked in the sauna. I have an extra post about sauna etiquette, but the most important thing is to take a towel to sit on.

* Adventure Pools
Rebstock Bad (has a wave pool), Titus Therme is located at Nord West Zentrum
shopping mall, Panorama Bad is in Bornheim. They all have beautiful sauna,
steam bath and whirlpool areas.
* Indoor Pools
Riedbad Bergen Enkheim, (also has an outdoor pool open in the summer)
Hallenbad Höchst

Near to Frankfurt are a few more pools that are also quite popular and easy to get to. They have their websites in English!
* Oberursel has a great indoors and outdoor pool, with a lot of fun things for the kids.
* Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg is really nice, but it isn't a place for kids at all. Beautiful sauna area, with massages and different health treatments available. Also wheelchair accessible.
* Rhein Main Therme in Hofheim has all kinds of great things to do, with an outstanding sauna area.

Pools will usually have lockers to put your clothes, shoes, etc. I would not store my wallet, phone, etc. in these lockers. I also would not leave these items unattended on my towel. Theft is common.

Little kids are often naked, especially at the outdoor pools. If they are still in diapers though, they will have to wear one or the lifeguards get pretty angry. Some outdoor pools allow topless bathing for the ladies, but if you are not sure, just look around to see if anyone else is doing it. There are some outdoor lakes that allow total nudity as do some parks in the city, most notably Grüneburg Park. People just lay out like this. If you are interested in this, you would look up FKK pools. FKK stands for Frei Körper Kultur, or Free Body Culture. The Miramar Pool near Weinheim is noted for having this type of swimming available.

I have entered their links on the "useful websites" sections. Most of the pools in Frankfurt are under:


0s0-Pa said…
Not sure how I feel about naked kids swimming around in the outdoor pools... I mean what if they have an accident!