The Original Frankfurt on Foot Walking Tours

Frankfurt on Foot is a 3-4 hour, easy walking tour that takes place 365 days a year, all holidays included. We visit many of the highlights of the city, and we tell you about the long, fascinating history of Frankfurt. We take you to places that the tour buses can't & we leave no carbon foot-print. We have searched high and low for many of the secret gems of Frankfurt that will make your sightseeing tour memorable. All tours are in English,

We want our walking tours to be affordable for everyone, so adults pay only 14 €. If you are a student, a senior or in the military, you receive a discount price of 12 €. Guests at the 5 Elements Hostel and the Frankfurt Hostel receive discounted tickets for 10 €, when you present your key-card to our tour guides. Show your Rick Steve's Germany book for a 1 euro discount. (Only 1 discount per person)

If you have a large group, please contact us ahead of time (at least 24-48 hours notice) so that we can arrange a separate guide for you, as well as a special price.

Discover the Best of Frankfurt with Frankfurt on Foot:

- The Roemer and the Roemerplatz. City Hall since 1405 and old town square.
- Book Burning Memorial, site of the Nazi book burning
- Alt Nikolai Church, Gothic church, built 1290
- House Wertheim, the inner city's only original half-timbered house left at the end of World War II, we tell you how it was saved and why.
- Eisener Steg,  pedestrian bridge over the Main river, offering a great view of the skyline and the many museums lining the riverbanks.
- St. Bartholomew, better known as the Kaiserdom, Imperial Cathedral chosen as the site for Coronations and Elections of the Holy Roman Emperor for centuries
- Jörge Ratgeb Wall Paintings in the Karmeliter Cloister, the largest religious wall paintings north of the Alps, painted in the early 1500's.
- Stumble Stones, or in German, Stolper Steine. We show you this unique way of remembering many of the victims who lost their lives due to the Nazi regime.
- Jewish Holocaust Memorial Wall, we visit this very personal Memorial that the city of Frankfurt has chosen to honor the memory of the approximately 12,000 Jewish citizens of Frankfurt who were sacrificed during World War II. Anne, Margot, and Edith Frank are included on this wall of remembrance.
- Medieval Jewish Cemetery, one of the oldest and largest Jewish cemeteries in Germany
- Jewish Ghetto Wall, Once part of the city defenses in 1180, it later became one of the walls that surrounded the Jewish ghetto.
- Klein Markt Halle, A favorite on the tour, this is a wonderful produce hall, filled with fruits, vegetables, chocolate, pastries, cheeses, breads, meats and fish, and delicacies from around the world. (not on Sundays and holidays)
- Hauptwache, historic Frankfurt landmark
- Bull and Bear and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
- Thurn and Taxis Palace, newly reconstructed, and a lovely example of architecture from the 1700's.
- Eschenheimer Turm, original guard tower, once part of the city defensive walls
- Alte Oper, one of the classic opera houses in Europe, once known as the most beautiful ruin in Germany
- Goethe House, we view the house where Goethe was born, and explain why he is Frankfurt's favorite son.
- Paulskirche, the location of the first parliament of Germany in 1848.

Because we use native English speakers, you never have to worry about whether or not you will understand the guides. We try to be as accurate as possible with our information, but never boring. Our tours are more than just plain, dried facts and dates! Along the way, we answer any questions you might have about Frankfurt and Germany. We can give you advice on where to eat, where to shop, what museums to visit, along with information about local events and how to find them.

Every day is tour day, as we walk 365 days a year starting at 10:30, no matter what the weather, all Holidays included! Please try to be on time, though the guide will wait up to 5 minutes on latecomers.

Meeting point is on Braubachstrasse, in front of the Binding Schirn cafe shown in the photo,  by the Römer and near the Tourist Info office. Trams #11 or # 12, stop is Römer / Paulskirche. Using the S-bahn, get off at the Hauptwache stop, and walk straight down Neue Kraemer to Braubachstrasse. The Esprit Store is on the corner of Neue Kraemer.

Address to use for GPS or Google maps -  Braubachstrasse 41, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

To call: Outside of Germany - (+49) 1520 846 4200
Inside Germany with a German phone - 01520-846 4200

Wear comfortable walking shoes!


Anonymous said…
The Klein Markt Halle was a highlight when Jo took me around Frankfurt.
Bill Craig said…
Your guy holding up the Bridge of Sighs looks like he could use a "Bro" - Jo! ;)

I love your photographs, and I absolutely ENJOYED the "too brief" a time you and I spent on our walk through your city!

Looking forward to doing it again sometime!
Jo said…
The guy holding the bridge has 3 buddies helping him hold it. They all look different, but they all look really gruff and tired! Guess that is why I like them so much.
I look forward to showing you more of the city too!
Unknown said…
I did the walking tour 3 weeks ago with Dave and learned so much! What a terrific way to learn about Frankfurt, the time truly flies!

I'm told today that the other in my party is reliving the tour with some friends that weren't with us. Hopefully he'll end up at Paulaner's for a meal too!

I highly recommend this tour!!
The tour is a great overview of the city and you can go back to some of the sights for more detail later. Jo is great!
Unknown said…
I have read about the Frankfurt on foot tour and it sounds great to join. Especially when i have only 8 hours in Frankfurt before my plane leaves for another country. However, does this tour operates everyday ? i'll be in Frankfurt on 10th Nov (Tuesday) My plane will arrive to Frankfurt around 8.15am. Is there possibility i will get it for this tour ? How and where should i get to the get together point from the airport ? Pls kindly advise if the Metro could get there. Thanks a bunch!
Jo said…
Please leave me your email address so that I can give you detailed answers to your questions about how to find our meeting point on 10 Nov.
Unknown said…
Hey, I'll be in Frankfurt for a day in May and was wanting to do the walking tour but wanted to know what time the tour started as I am flying in around 6.00-7.00 AM in the morning. Also since I am staying at 5 Elements - is the tour price 9 Euro as stated?

Jo said…
The tour will start at 10:30 and yes, you get the discount price of 9 euro when you stay at 5 Elements. Great people there too, by the way. Look forward to meeting you!
Greg said…
Not too long ago my family was in town. My fiancee and I have lived here for 1.5 years now. After taking this tour we learned more about Frankfurt in 3 hours than the entire time we've been here. We all enjoyed the trivial Frankfurt knowledge that Jo has and look forward to going on another tour.
Unknown said…
Really enjoyed your tour Jo (5th Dec 2009). Wanted to share this Goethe comic with you:
D said…
We're in Frankfurt this coming week-end and will be joining your tour on Monday, really looking forward to it.

Jo said…
Thats sounds great! We look forward to meeting you Monday and having you walk with us as we tour Frankfurt. Have fun at the Christmas Market this weekend. We had a bit of snow today and it looked so pretty down there.
Anonymous said…
Flying in on May 13th at 9:45am. Would love to take the walking tour. Any chance I'll be able to make it in time? I have a 10-hour wait for my connecting flight.
Jo said…
If you send me your email address, I will be able to correspond with you. It will not be published. With your landing time of 09:45, I don't think you will make the regular 10:30 tour, but we can certainly set you up with a private tour.
Anonymous said…
Hello Jo. Is the Concorde Hotel near enough your meeting spot that we can walk there?
Jo said…
Hello Jeanette - Yes, you can easily walk to the Meeting Point in about 15-20 min. depending on how fast you walk. Your hotel front desk should be able to give you specific directions to come to the Römer. Or you could hop on the #11 tram and ride there in about 5 min. See you there! Jo
Anonymous said…
I will have a long layover in FRA on may 6th. arriving at 9am. i've never been to FRA before and I speak no German. pls provide me with the detailed info on how to get to the meeting place from the airport, how to buy tix for subway etc. thank you so much! elena
Jo said…
Hi Elena,
All the information that you are seeking is here on the website. If you use the search function, it will pull up the train information. How to find the Meeting Point is also fairly detailed here in this post about our tours. If you will post your email address, I can write to you personally. It won't get posted publically.
Thanks - Jo and David
Unknown said…
The tour is a great overview of the city and you can go back to some of the sights for more detail later...thanks Jo for providing us the information in detail...

Tailor-Made Days Out
Anonymous said…
I'd like to take this tour. I am coming from Kaiserslautern and I will be driving to Frankfurt. Where is the best place to park? Thanks!

Jo said…
There is a parking garage off the Zeil, sort of near the Konstablerwache, there is one near the Hauptwache, or I suppose you could try and find a parking spot, but that might be difficult. If you want to save a bit of money, you might park in a neighborhood, and then either walk or take a bus or tram to the Römer. Hope that helps you! See you soon, Jo and Dave
emanuella said…
Hello, Do I need a reservation or I just show up at the meeting point at the right time?
how can I identify you there?
can you tell me the last stop of the tour? I need to plan what I'm going to do after.

Thank you

Jo said…
Emanuella, you do not need a reservation, simply show up at our "Meeting Point" by 10:30. We wear messenger bags that say "Frankfurt on Foot" and hold a yellow sign that says "Frankfurt on Foot". We end the tour where it begins and then help you find where else you would like to go, or sit down for a coffee or ice cream. See you soon! Jo and David
Anonymous said…

i'm interested in the tour, but is it only one time that starts at10:30 everyday? or it could star at afternoon?

Jo said…
Yes, we only have one tour a day at 10:30. If you would like a tour at a different time, we will be happy to arrange a private tour. Thanks!
vince said…
Do we need to make a reservation for a specific date or is showing up at your meeting point un-announced just fine? Thanks
Jo said…
Vince, All you need to do is show up by 10:30 at the Meeting Point. We leave pretty punctually, so you might try and get there a couple of minutes early. We hope to see you soon!
Anonymous said…
hello, looking forward to this tour.

I have a long layover of 12hours in frankfurt, reaching on 24th oct via Air france. Arrival time-8:55am.

Will I be able to make it for the tour i.e, at 10:30 am. If yes, how to reach the meeting point in least time??
Unknown said…
hi,You have a very good blog that the main thing a lot of interesting and useful!thanks Go public in Frankfurt
Anonymous said…
We took this tour on October 31, 2010..It was awesome! Hondo gave a great tour. We've been telling all of our friends. thanks!
Jo said…
Thanks for the review about your tour in Oct. I know Hondo will be pleased that you enjoyed it. We would love to have your review on Trip Advisor too. Thanks!
Gilad said…
well hello from israel Dave
i had a great time on the tour in june 26, 2011.
i really enjoyed your company and educated knowledge as well as your humor.
i will recommend your tours every chance i get, and i do hope to come back with my wife to get a second go.
Gilad - from Israel
AlanInDc said…
My friend and I were on a tour with Dave on Monday, August 22, 2011. It was fabulous. We learned so much about Frankfurt -- the tour was rich in history and Dave is also a funny guy. It was a full 4 hours -- quite a deal for 12 euros each (we rounded up to 15). I've been to Frankfurt multiple times, so I've seen most of the places, but had no appreciation of them. My friend lives in the Frankfurt suburbs and had the same impression.

Washington, D.C., USA
Jim said…
Hello - i have a layover in frankfurt and would like to take this tour. What is the best way to get to the Romer from the airport? Is there a shuttle bus or train? Thanks, Jim.
Jo said…
Jim, please see our post about the Regional Train station at the airport. It describes in detail how to get to our Meeting Point on the Römer. We look forward to having you join our tour soon. - Jo
Linguapractica said…
Hi, myself and a few colleagues will be over in Berlin in a few weeks and were wondering if you know of anyone who could offer us a guided tour of the capital? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers
Jo said…
We recommend getting in touch with "Insider Tours" in Berlin. They offer fantastic tours on a daily basis, as well as private tours. Here is their website:

Enjoy Berlin!
Anonymous said…
I did this tour with a friend a few weeks ago in mid October. Dave was our guide and while we were a bit apprehensive about doing a four hour tour the time passed quickly and we found all of it very interesting. Many of the places we visited we would not have discovered or been able to understand the significance of on our own so I highly recommend this to anyone visiting the city.